Keynote speaker


Prof Geoff Isbister

Prof Geoff Isbister is a clinician researcher at the University of Newcastle, a NHMRC Senior Research Fellow and Consultant Toxicologist to the National Poison Centre Network. He conducts research in clinical toxicology and toxinology, investigating the pathophysiology of poisoned and envenomed patients, as well as the effectiveness and safety of antidotes such as antivenom. He has been key in establishing a collaborative research program in Australia in clinical toxicology, which undertakes multicentre clinical studies backed by state of the art laboratory research. His research challenges long held views about treatment of poisoned and envenomed patients, making clinicians re-look at what evidence there is for various treatments. Over the last 15 years he has established the Australian Snakebite Project ā€“ ASP ā€“ which has changed the treatment of snakebite in Australia.